Sunday, September 7, 2008

We are backkkkk

Phew ... What a relief it is to be back after two weeks of hospital stay! Our daughter is finally doing good enough to be sent home and just be taking oral anti-biotics. The fever was diagnosed to be acute typhoid which brought her down by a few pounds in weight. 

Our daily schedule at hospital was demanding enough - changes in biological cycle for sleep was the first affected. Our sleep would usually be around 1 PM or later and we will wake up to the door knocks (is it impolite to say 'bangs'?) by the nurses, ward-boys, etc. We managed to grab some sleep during the day once they go off our backs - if Isha continues to sleep. If she wakes up, then we are done in :)

My initial reaction back at home was a strange kind of nervousness. It was so strange to see the outside world after almost a week(!). I no longer craved for the daily newspaper (btw it is TimesOfIndia that I like the most nowadays) nor the night sleep. The craze for my laptop was still there of course, but a lot of things did not seem to matter that much any longer. 

This hospital ordeal had other interesting side-effects as well - making me thinner than I was earlier and more importantly making my wife more paranoid than ever, almost to the point of obsession. You could understand my position when she started blabbering about infection and neutrophilia in her night's sleep. In fact, she had so little sleep due to this fear of infection, that she woke up early, fed our daughter and again fell asleep. Thankfully, I was so exhausted in all this hospital stay and running that I slept like a log yesterday night. I hope both my kids (I call Abi my first kid) let me sleep tonight as well - I have a lot to catch up with at work tomorrow :)

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