Thursday, April 15, 2010

Smoke Smoke all over

I had been thinking about blogging this for a very long time now.

I don't like smoking and cigarette smoke in fact but not necessarily smokers. Of late though, I have begun to hate some of these smokers, the ones who do it irresponsibly. I give a damn for people who want to smoke their lives away but those who do it in front of non-smokers blatantly especially in front of children, get onto my nerves and that is what I mean by smoking irresponsibly.

Those people seem to obviously not care smoking right onto the faces of their own children! I have seen it scores of times during my daily drive to office and back home. They might say 'who the hell are you to ask about this?' ... I don't have a proper answer but I do care!

Children are the future generation and nipping those buds with smoke is the most horrible thing I can imagine being done to them. These same people would crib tomorrow if their son or daughter takes money from their own purses to smoke right in front of them. At that time, they will cry that the youth is all spoilt not realizing the seeds have been theirs!

If anybody might be doing such things themselves inadvertently, I request such people to stop and look at what they are doing to themselves and to our future generation. If even 2 people change themselves for the better and cascade that among people they know, we can leave the world a much better place to live.

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