Friday, July 29, 2011

Moments of madness and fun ...

Just living a crazy life ... had not been coming onto the blogosphere for a long time now. My last decent attempt at a blog had been in May 2011.

In the mean time, a lot of things have happened. India is boiling with controversies and it is this environment I have returned to.

Back to home and handling more chaos than ever but this time, the cushion of Shambhavi had been there to give me some breathing space. Just thought today of remembering some of the unforgettable moments of my SA trip:

> Graskop trip - undoubtedly the top in my memories as a lot of cobwebs of inhibitions and fears cleared from my mind. There was too much fun to be missed.

> Durban trip - for both the good and bad things that happened during the trip

> KungFu Panda 2 @ Sandton mall - had gala fun with folks just before starting back to India

> Prabhu's farewell - how can I forget an event that took 4 GB of Video recording and still reminds all of the roomies of the fun that night!

> My own farewell from onsite - a moving sequence of incidents contributed to by everyone including my manager, the final photo session on rooftop being the capping one.

Over and beyond it all, hospitality of my team is the best thing I will remember for ever about my stay in South Africa. It is not easy to accommodate your manager at your residence, to start with for 2 months, and then ungrudgingly (or so it seemed throughout to me!) for 6 months! And I am not an easy customer, waking up even on weekends before 7 AM and chanting in meditation. All through the stay, they took care of most of my needs, not because I was a manager but treating me as a good friend.

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