Friday, January 15, 2010

A Filmy Creation!

It is rather funny that I have decided to write about this. I know this movie has been getting a lot of media attention of late and I decided to watch it for the heck of it. It was actually just to see what the hype was about. But when I start watching movies now-a-days, I get too involved - I laugh with the characters and cry with them. And to say the truth, I loved this movie [as Abi says I do every movie!]. OK, the suspense is over - it is about '3 idiots'.

First off, my kudos to the script writers to bring a nice touch of novelty and idealism which is probably needed now to bring even a tiny change in people's hearts. Though I do not consider myself to have been victimised to parents' expectations, I have seen scores of kids of my age (even in my relatives) getting under it. Very few have been able to come up and swim through the tide against them. But that is only one aspect of the movie, the other one being about doing the job that one really loves to. Now, that would be wonderful, isn't it!? :-)

Aamir and Madhavan lived up to their billing with extra ordinary performances. Call it 'bias' for my name (he carries part of it after all), but for me, the 'Raju Rastogi' character did a brilliant job of bringing out right emotions at the right time. I would definitely love to exude that kind of confidence he gets to towards the end of the movie.

I was watching an interview of the film's director on CNN-IBN a few days back. The anchor asked him questions like why the 'key throwing' scene in the climax was made very "filmy" while the rest of it was pure "creative" work. When I watched the movie, I could not but reflect to her statement. I felt there were a ton of "filmy" scenes in the movie and lots of IQ quips like using-the-pencil-in-space one that most IT people should by now be familiar of through the email chains. Don't mistake me, it is nice that the director did a sincere attempt to bring in the so-called intellectual jokes to common public. I, for one, would be happy if such thoughts provoke some thinking in the common man who otherwise would just "live-on"! In my opinion, the "mootra visarjan" scene ;-) in the beginning was a damn creative one and so were the switch roles by changing uniform to study in school, proving that suhas cares only for money by hiding the costly watch, etc.

In the end, movies are as much about entertainment as it is about conveying a message. And I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will cherish it. Hats off to the entire film's team for their brilliant combination of entertainment and message delivery!

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