Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sannidhi - A Revelation In Our Life

One MahaShivarathri night a few years back, after the midnight meditation with Sadhguru, many Isha meditators were gathering around something and taking turns to bow down. Some of them just sat still on the carpets there. I was a distant watcher for some time. When curiosity got the better of me, I went to see what it was. The long queues discouraged mere onlookers and only the persistent ones made it.

When I went closer, to be honest, I did not know what to make out of it. Though I had heard of 'paadham' before, this was the first time I am seeing something like that. I just bowed down, took the vibhuthi prasadam and moved on. That this simple darshan would bring a profound change in my life was not even in my distant dreams!

Over time, I heard from other meditators that Sadhguru Sannidhi was very powerful, charged up, etc. We also heard from one of the Isha teachers that his mother just used to sit before Sannidhi daily during the presence time (6:20 PM) without doing anything and bliss out!

Then, Abi and I registered for bringing Sadhguru Sannidhi home a couple of years back. As we were (rather stupidly) apprehensive of 'maintaining' its sanctity in our house, we registered it for my parents living separately. I vividly remember the day an Isha meditator came to consecrate it at my parents' house. The person said 'Anna - Please choose where you want to place. You should not move it around just like that later.'

My heart sank at this comment! It was with great difficulty that I had persuaded my mom to drive up the attic some of the gods in her pooja room and make space on the granite marble for Sannidhi. However the consecration went on smoothly. My mother was surprisingly hooked on and started doing the Sannidhi pooja almost daily.

The whole house felt quite different & charged up the very next weekend we visited them! I was doing my Surya Namaskar & Shambhavi Kriya in the hall (Sannidhi was a good distance away in the pooja room) and it was all happening so effortlessly for me. My 4-year-old daughter, who used to be very clinging to us all the time, was suddenly behaving so matured and still having fun with everyone around! That weekend was our first-hand experience of how Sannidhi can transform the atmosphere of an entire house within such a short span of time!

My mom still does the pooja on many days without fail. Her practices have become more regular, her health and the overall peace in family are so much better now. These are definitely not coincidental :)

It was almost one year back that His grace descended upon us and we were able to register for bringing Sadhguru Sannidhi home. It so happened that we were to receive one of the 108 Sannidhis being distributed in Chennai on the MahaShivarathri night of 2013. How fitting an entry!?

Brindha akka came to our home, inspected the space we were going to hold Him in and performed the consecration process. I remember even today how bewildering and unbelievable it was for me that we had taken such a step.

The transformation we have undergone started with Bhairavi entering our home and once Sannidhi came in, the pace has been faster thereon. We do our Sannidhi pooja quite regularly and the very experience of sitting in that space before Bhairavi Yantra and Sadhguru Sannidhi is enough to settle us down most of the time.

While offering Guru Pooja at home in any room feels like it is in His presence. Apart from our practices becoming more regular & more volunteering opportunities coming our way pulling us up higher, we have been blessed with Sadhguru's darshan ever so frequently and more visits to the Ashram.

Since then, we have had the good fortune of witnessing two blessed individuals convert the rooftops in their homes to house Sadhguru Sannidhi. The transformation of these spaces has been very visible and they are being revered as the Isha local centers now at Nanganallur and Medavakkam.

These lines truly resound what Sannidhi means in our lives.

            Un padam panindhen,
                        ennaye marandhen!
            Un padam panindhen,
                        ennulle malarndhen!! 

Similar experiences galore in our friends and family circle. Now, living in a consecrated space like this has sunk in so much, we feel odd when we see someone without such an opportunity!

[PS: This MahaShivarathri, there is an opportunity for willing individuals to receive Sadhguru Sannidhi in Chennai itself. Interested people can contact me or call +91 9789983260] 


Rahul K. said...


How much did the Sannidhi cost?

Rahul K.

Rahul K. said...


How much did the Sannidhi cost you?


Rajasekhar said...

Hi anna,

It was about 10K or 11K when I got it a couple of years back. It must be around the same cost range now as well. But to be honest what is being offered is priceless :)


Rahul K. said...

Hmm, kindly drop me your email Id at "rahulkukreja" ---(at gmail.com)


prashant pathak said...


Which one did you get the brass one or the mercury one?

Prashant P.

Rajasekhar said...

Namaskaram Prashant,

I think what we have is a Sannidhi made of stone. It is definitely not metal.


Milan Savaliya said...

Hello anna,

I am Milan From gujarat, Can you tell me what steps you are taking to ensure cleaness and sanity of room ?


Rajasekhar said...

Namaskaram Milan,

There are no specific things to be done for keeping the cleanliness of the room. It can be maintained like any other room in the house, probably with a cleaner floor and dusting off the roofs covering the Sannidhi Paada yantra (to prevent dust falling on it). Occasionally my wife uses a clean White cotton cloth to wipe the Sannidhi yantra surface. Hope this helps.


kkkausda said...

Namaskaram Rajasekar,

Can you please let me what kind of pooja, do you do to Sadhguru Sannidhi?
Do you refill vibuthi in the Padam ? Do you do Guru pooja in the Sannidhi ?

- Kunthavai

Unknown said...

Namaskaram anna,

I am a bachelor who is living alone. I'm planning to bring the sannidhi sometime in the next year. When you mentioned that once the sannidhi is placed at a palce it shouldn't be moved around my heart sank. The reason i do not know where i will be in a few years. My whole life i was living in different places and there is no fixed location. every few years i moved to a different location. So how do i fix sannidhi if I am a person who is always on the move.

The Thinker said...


It is best if the energy space is not moved constantly. But that does not mean that you be rooted in a single place inspite of work related displacement. Please go ahead and get Sadhguru Sannidhi home and take with you wherever you go. While moving to a different place, please pack carefully and take it personally with you rather than sending through some movers and packers. That much care should be ok. Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity because of any apprehensions.

The Thinker said...


Sorry for such a long delay. I have been off blogging for a while now and did not check my messages. The Sadhguru Sannidhi pooja is a simple process that anyone can perform once a week & on Pournami and Amavasya days. You will be initiated into the process when receiving Sannidhi. It is quite easily doable. Our family does most of our yogic practices in the presence of Sannidhi and it is an extremely helpful atmoshphere for such kriyas. Filling vibhuthi in the paadam is also a straight forward process which one can learn at the time of receiving Sannidhi itself or later also.

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