Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project estimation

What on earth am I doing these days with presentations? Well .. presenting them to people :))

Who you may ask - it is mostly my own team and some other teams interested in knowing about stuff.

So, yesterday's presentation was about estimation of projects. Though it is relevant quite a bit for software projects, I assume most of what has been given in the presentation is valid for non-software projects as well.

So, here it is ..

Hope it would be useful to everyone [who sees it of course ;)]


aparna iyer said...

Namaskaram anna (sorry addressed as akka in my last comment and noticed your name later :))

the link shared in this post is no longer valid.. could you share the presentation? I'm in a PM too and I think it might help..

Rajasekhar said...

Oops ... This was way back akka. I guess I don't have that PPT because I had my laptop stolen after that :(

If it is there somewhere in my mails, I can dig it out and post it back ... will update the link a day or two.

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