Friday, June 20, 2008

Choked ... Part 2

Now it is not funny any more and I was like 'what the heck!?'. This debacle is related to my second attempt at presenting Isha experiences & this time to the STPI audience.

There was one consolation though, Abi was choking more this time! I could relate to that. When you have to present your experiences of Isha with someone whom you rarely meet and spend time with, it is probably easier. When you do the same with someone closer to you, it is a lot tougher than it seems.

I thought it was actually than the first time, which of course was the original attempt, and had tried to make it simple. At the end of it, we were wondering how we missed out a lot of things!

For starters, I missed out key points like my productivity gains and Abi's initial doubts if I would be able to even sit through the entire session that vanished later without a trace. These are things which people can relate to, especially those who are just venturing into it.

The other aspect of it was the 'perceived' relation between hinduism and yoga. Even I had such doubts earlier and it needed the magic words of sadhguru to be grounded to dust. He simply said going by this analogy if Einstein is a Jew, the principle of 'E=mc2" should be Jewish! Just because some science originated in the Hindu culture does not mean it belongs to Hinduism :-)

Anyways, now that I have blotched both the attempts (did I?) I would have to keep my speech prepared and written onto a paper the next time .. sigh....

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