Friday, June 13, 2008

Choked...part 1

Something funny .. well, sort of, funny happened yesterday. I choked when asked to present my experiences from Isha Yoga programs and practices. Could not believe I was on the verge of crying actually but just about managed to hold it off blabbering something incoherant even to me in hindsight :)

I spent practically the whole of yesterday's night thinking 'Why on Earth did I choke during those 2 minutes'?

Was it stage fear or perhaps lack of preparation? I ruled that out because that has rarely been the case for me.

Was it because I am too emotional? Am known to get a bit emotional at home sometimes, but almost never at work. So, that is also a goner ..

Was it because it is related to Isha!? That and as I thought more I realized it was because what have got from Isha is something I cannot put in words easily. Then my process went on about how to communicate what I have experienced and bingo! Here I am writing this blog :)

Succintly putting the usual benefits I like to tell people:
  • I was probably born with sinusitis or Sinus problem as people commonly know it. Plagued with it from my childhood, relief finally came to me after I started my Isha practices. Now, there is very little sign of it.
  • Physical fitness has not been my forte for the first 23 years of my life. That was my younger brother's ever since he started his Karate coaching. Isha again helped me here - now I can say without doubt I am at least as fit as my brother is. Don't make any mistakes - he is still the stronger of us :))
  • My efficiency in getting things done at work has probably doubled. What I used to take 8 hours earlier, am now able to do in 4 to 5 hours.
  • Ability to concentrate and focus on job at hand has received a shot in the arm rather a tremendous boost.
  • Finally, if a complete introvert like me can change for the better and interact with people in a lovable manner, I wonder what else can someone need.
I will stop with this and will continue later today with more ...

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