Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is this for good or bad?

Contrary to what many would like to believe, Life presents so many things to us on a platter :) That is true! Really .. If you are not convinced, think of how many time we all have enjoyed our TVs, radios, the telephone, mobiles, PDAs, laptops, etc. for most part without even thinking how they were made in the first place!?

When I say us, I mean the majority of human race as such.

And we also conveniently tend to ignore the bane of using such devices till some scientist from an obscure corner of the world ... I don't mean just some universities ;) ... finds something seriously wrong with those devices.

Just the other day, I was reading an article from the newspaper that it has been 'scientifically' proven that the radio waves or whatever type of electromagnetic waves used for cell phone communication are very harmful for the human nervous system. It is especially dangerous for kids under 11 years of age it seems.

One such 'fact' that shocked me was that spending 60 minutes in a wi-fi environment is equivalent to spending 20 minutes on your cell phone. And I have been using wi-fi ever since I was exposed to it 3 years back!

But apart from doubting such scientific analysis, are we doing enough to take any precautions in case they come true in future? More specifically, am I doing anything to handle things like my 1 year old kid playing throughout with my wife's nokia mobile or me using the wi-fi router for internet connection at home.

Sure, I have some benefits coming out of these - like my kid being calm or me able to use internet connection anywhere in my home. But in the overall scheme of things, is what I am doing or not doing a good thing or bad?

I don't know, but am surely not taking a chance with my kid's health. I am planning to use a wired LAN connection instead of wi-fi and have a dummy cell phone for my kid to play with.

Isn't it a shame if we cannot do what we could and should about something that is in our hands?

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