Monday, May 3, 2010

Damn the ride ...

It was a grueling 2 and half hours sitting session today. No, I am not talking about any training session am attending, although that would be grueling as well :)) This is about my travel from office to home.

I take the office bus daily. Morning trips are usually ok even considering the sweltering Chennai heat that makes me sweat all over at 7 am itself. At least I get to reach my office in an hour's time.

It is the evening trip that starts at 6:20 or so and seemingly goes on forever till I reach my destination. It is usually bad enough filling your ears with the incessant honks of all anxious drivers starting home & your nostrils with all the smoke. Most Chennaiites can immediately identify with what am talking about. Today was an exceptionally bad day as I reached 30 more minutes later than the usual 2 hour return journey.

If you think "What? only 30 minutes and this idiot is going cranky about it", I would love to invite you to sit with me through the silence for entire period and then you will realize it ... the pain.

I tried listening to music, reading a book, chatting with my friends, playing games on my mobile and finally even resigning to silence. None of it worked to my satisfaction, at least not today. But endure I did and when I stepped out, ufff ... what a relief it was. It was such a relief that having to stand for 5 minutes to cross the road as pedestrian really did not matter that much nor did bargaining with the fruits vendor. I guess I was more grateful than anything to have finished the damn ride.

Those moments of gratefulness during the walk back home had me realize that when I look at life events from a grateful perspective, even the seemingly trivial & irritating stuff is not really so. You just need to have gone through a more drilling experience prior to it :))

Signing off now with the hope that such grueling trips don't become frequent and are more an exception. Wish me luck :)

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