Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A warm welcome

It was not even 7 AM. Huffing and puffing I kept walking. It was almost as if people were laughing at how profusely I was sweating. I did not mind that because, well .. that is true anyways. I was like sweating to my core anyway!

Oh no! I am not on any weight reduction program. On the contrary, it is more like a weight gaining program (i.e.) my walk to catch office bus :))

At 7 AM, it is so hot daily that all the energy just gets sapped out of me. I realize this is the hottest I have ever felt Chennai to be and am beginning to wonder about all the people who work in this sweltering heat. The sales executives, the small-scale shop vendors and even the beggars draw pity just thinking about this heat.

Unfortunately we do not have authentic Indian agencies making such news. So, I take the quote from NASA this has been the hottest quarter of an year recorded so far

Despite many cries from so many visionaries regarding the global warming and impending disasters of it, our governments are choosing to simply ignore the cries of common people and the scientific community. It feels bitter to say this, but after all, it is not the children of those in power that are suffering due to these heat waves. It is only the common public - the you and me.

Too much hype and hoopla over the recent oil spill, but not enough to the cancer that is the warming eating away our apple of a planet from inside.

I am ashamed to even say this - I really wish to do something about this. Why being ashamed for this? It is because I feel am also responsible in a way for this disaster directly or indirectly as part of the society. If anyone could help me figure out what could be done at grass roots level, I would be glad to extend my help.

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