Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Green (err...) life

Why should life be all gloomy? This article provoked such thoughts in me immediately:

Why not we humans learn to see opportunity in the midst of calamity and look for alternatives?

Just a single alternative that I could think of - Is it not possible to plant a few million trees by then that could bring down the overall warming levels to a normal stage? If each of us can think of such ways by which this calamity could be avoided, we certainly can avoid it. After all, what is a society or civilization if not individuals!

Take a look at the Project Green Hands effort by Isha Foundation ( As Sadhguru says, to plant and nurture a tree to grow is one of the noblest things to do (amidst all other nonsense) towards the future generations. If of the 6 billion people, only 10% decide to plant just 1 tree and see it grow in their life time, we would still end up with 600 million trees making the earth greener by a big percentage!! And this is just assuming 1 person cares for only 1 tree in their entire life time.

If we teach our children in schools to plant / nurture trees, I am sure that will be one of the best things to happen to them too. The joy in seeing something grow, especially if it is out of your efforts, is to be experienced by everyone.

Let us make it happen ... Let us strive for a positive thinking happy world.

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